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At Michigan Outpatient Vascular Institute (M.O.V.I.), we work with a comprehensive medical staff consisting of board certified Interventional Cardiologists, Vascular Surgeons, and Interventional Radiologists.


Our specially trained and experienced nursing and technical staff deliver unmatched patient care, post procedure follow-up, and 24-hour nurse support. The patient is the center of our multidisciplinary healthcare approach.


We are a state of the art facility that features the highest quality surgical technology with personalized care in a comfortable atmosphere, specifically designed to put our patients at ease.


Michigan Outpatient Vascular Institute enhances the quality of care in our community through the delivery of minimally invasive surgical services.


Our areas of expertise include the following:

An imaging test to look at the arteries in your kidneys, which if blocked, could be a cause of hypertension.

Is a special type of x-ray picture to find narrowed or blocked areas, which could be a cause of stroke.

A test that uses x-ray and dye to find narrow or blocked areas in the arteries that supply blood to your legs.

A non-surgical procedure to open blocked leg arteries or vein grafts by using a device on the end of a catheter.

Angioplasty alone or with stenting may be used to open up a blocked artery in the pelvis, leg, or arm.

A small device that is implanted just under the skin of the chest for cardiac monitoring.

Metal mesh tubes that expand against blocked or narrowed vein walls, acting as a scaffold to keep veins open.

Is a procedure to maintain patency of the excess fluid and toxins are filtered from the blood through dialysis.

testimonials from our patients

Tim S.

The people at Michigan Outpatient Vascular Institute were very nice. They made you feel like you were special.


If I have to ever go back that's where I would want to go have it done, again.

Montana F.

I would highly recommend Michigan Outpatient Vascular Institute to anyone dealing with vascular issues.

They changed my life by providing me the extensive care and treatment I needed.


Thanks to the medical team at Michigan Outpatient Vascular Institute, I am now living my best life.

Ronald V.

The nurses and staff at Michigan Outpatient Vascular Institute are simply amazing.


They are an incredible medical team that has helped save my life.



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